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3 Thoughts to “Why travel on your own?”

  1. what a positive thought you have dear mom ! when i met chris whom become a aeldore son of my mom and my beloved brother i was thinking about that how can be some one so inspired and positive for travel a little tiney village located in india don't he feel afraid or scarry but now i got answer that mom is the big inspiration and his guide too
    a special thank's to chris to introduce me your channel where i got amezing helpful tip's and me my familly and the villager's are so sad since chris leave from here we miss him always and loking forward to host him back with you mom
    i learned alot of things from you and crish thank you once again
    last but note least your content is very very good but why you don't have more subscriber and viewer's do i help you ?
    want to say lot more things but comment will be gonn large
    extend my love to chris and all familly we miss you

  2. Thank you Valerie, yes so much of traveling is making connections and being open to people that you might have at first been uncomfortable around.

  3. Really like this video! Especially your comments about eventually becoming friends with someone you may have conflicted with upon first meeting them! Keeping an open mind – good advice!!

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