WEBINAR: How to Own A Home Based Travel Agency Without Joining an MLM

Webinar How to Own a Home Based Travel Agency Without Joining An MLM (multi-level marketing). Absolutely no recruiting with our host agency. Become a …

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20 Thoughts to “WEBINAR: How to Own A Home Based Travel Agency Without Joining an MLM”

  1. I joined yesterday wish I had this before I go on my cruse in november. I call myself prince becouse only jesus is king.

  2. Is it only open for US residents? How about resident of Germany?

  3. Powerful, informative information! Thanks so much Travel Queen. Is it okay for me to share this with potential business partners?

  4. I like it, think I will look into it a bit more and see if it will work out for me. 🙂  Happy New Year.

  5. Sound like a whack timeshare presentation. MLM & Host based is the same thing. You still work for someone else & make money for them 🤦🏽‍♂️👎🏾

  6. Want to learn more. I travel alot

  7. Hi LaVonda i am interested to join i m looking forward to hear from you thanks

  8. Can some please send me an invite? I would love to get started.

  9. I found this here & I went to the website. It tells me to go to the person who referred me, but no one referred me

  10. how can you find someone to "invite" you to the webinar if i've just seen it here and found it by searching ?

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