Want to Start Your Own Travel Agency for only P29,999

Start your own travel agency business for only P29,999 and be part of the biggest and most successful travel business family with 2000+ affiliates worldwide.

source Travel On Your Own

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3 Thoughts to “Want to Start Your Own Travel Agency for only P29,999”

  1. How to avail you 29,999 package?

  2. I'm just wondering why every time I call back SMB, it seems all your staffs are very rude to your affiliates. They are not helpful– not all of your affiliates have travel industry background. So pls respect that. Although your half day training seems comprehensive, then not for all. Experience is the best teacher. We can't learn everything in training. That's why we get you as our consultant to help us even in the simplest process. But all I got are comments that are unnecessary. I'm starting to regret dealing with you. I hope this will be fixed. Sana di masayang yung bayad namin na 30k. Salamat

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