Travel to Any World ( even your own made up one) Subliminal | Lotus Subliminals

Alright listen close y’all: I shit you not, this is probably the best subliminal I’ve ever made and every single person in the world will want to try it. Like even I’m …

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33 Thoughts to “Travel to Any World ( even your own made up one) Subliminal | Lotus Subliminals”

  1. Do I have to listen to this multiple times for it to work?

  2. I know that you will probably not see me comment, but I have a question. How do I believe more? How do I put more faith in it? P.S- This subliminal is amazing. Relaxing too! Keep up the good work!

  3. I want to come to a world where I can be a Kim Jong-Un 2 and fucking nuke South Korea.

  4. I’m using two other subliminals exactly like this EXCEPT you have to make portals. If I don’t like the idea of going there by thinking (I have mental issues you don’t wanna know about) then can I make portals instead?

  5. I want to be in the dragon ball dimension, how do i do that?

  6. I CAN DO ANYTHING -jevil deltarune

  7. I really wanna travel to voltron universe and I was how long I have to wait but it doesn't say in the description

  8. I really hope this gets me to the world i want to be in and stay there! So thank you so much and the music is so pretty!!! Ill keep people updated if it works. I started this, this morning and i took a nap and already dreaming of the place. Im ready for it to be reality.

  9. Hello! I have a question; how long will it take before we see actual results? I ask because the description does not say, and I have several worlds planned out to go to
    ( ^ – ^ )

  10. Do u have to be sleeping for this to work or what none of them every work for me but I'm trying hard can you help

  11. I am going to the Power Ranger's World… so… I really hate to ask, but my Autism and ADHD of a brain can't keep me from wondering…. how long should it take for it to start working?

  12. How do I bring a friend to star wars world with me and how long does it take to get there by thinking of it?

  13. I have a request can u make a star wars world to go to subliminal please! I been dying to have that so bad

  14. so I have a lot of worlds i want to explore.. but I thought that I might only have the chance to go to one. So me being the smartass I am, I designed a house/lab/thingy that has a portal so I can go to any world I want! I also put a super powerful subliminal disc chair whatchamacallit (Yes I got it from the matrix) so I can subliminally train my mind to do anything! cool right? but thats not all.. since im an extrovert, I hate being alone. So I put a babe robot assistant in there to help me 😉 Ill update if I see any results!

    update: literally I just started, but i have a strong connection with the world im going to. Like to the point where I want to cry tears of joy… that was a bit dramatic, BUT THATS HOW I FEEL! STAP HATING!

    Update: I keep feeling powerful auras around me. I guess thats whats supposed to happen? idfk!!

    update: Sorry i skiped a few days bc of halloween. Anyways I do feel much more attached to the world. Like, kinda more than I did.

  15. How do you bring a friend with you though can u tell me the steps?

  16. Can I go to star wars world if o want? And can I take a lightsaber from the Star Wars world back to earth?

  17. Will the subliminal happen at night? Depending on the person be cause I think I’m special.

  18. Omg I love ur subliminals can u come to my worlds?

  19. has it worked for anyone yet?

    Edit: I like how no one replied to this!

  20. I’ve been waking up at around the same time every night when I listen to this. Is that a sign?

  21. In the other world can I keep characters that are real into the fictional world or will it affect in the real world? (Hope it makes sense)

  22. I read the description multiple times and it doesn't say if you can create a wormhole portal to other worlds, can we do that? (I feel like it would be safer and easier than teleporting)

  23. Hey, will I be my desired characters in the world

  24. What i do wont change the movie,Like i wont be a character in the actual movie?

    Also will people who listen to this (including me) for the same movie, be all in the same place or will everyone have different versions?

  25. This thing seems awesome ima try it and ima imagine during my free time ima update if I can if anything happens

  26. If anything happens I'll update, but I may forget about it😛

    (Watch out anime bois I'm comin fer you)

  27. I have a question what if you get hurt or die in your world will you also die on earth to or will just teleport back home. And also this subliminal is awesome ^~^

  28. And if i want to stay in my desired world forever , is it possible ?

  29. I could go to my desired anime world? With some arrangements.

  30. How long will it take? And can I go there physically?

  31. Side effects of it working? And how to go to da world?

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