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What art supplies do you need in your backpack for your travel sketchbook and journal? For me, shaving weight from my pack is always important, but just as important is the ability to carry a miniature studio with me everywhere I go. I’ve developed a variety of lightweight, big color sketchbook supply setups for my travels. I’ll share them with you here to help you develop your own.

Ultralight, but Packed with color

When I really need to shave weight in my backpack (for example, when I’m backpacking or when I need to carry all my gear in a single pack), I like this format, which allows me to write and paint in watercolor. This setup includes:

  • One small 5 ½”x 3 ½” Moleskine Watercolor notebook
  • An Altoid-Mini tin which easily carries enough watercolor paint for a two week trip. I usually fit about 12-18 colors in these tins
  • One Micron liner pen. Although I love the precise .005 pens, if you have room for only one pen, use a wider width, because thinner nibs can explode in airplanes, leaving you with no liner pen
  • One medium-sized Pentel Arts Water Brush

Full Waterproof Watercolor Case and Brush Pens

This setup is my preferred for travel sketching, and if I have the space in my backpack, or if I’m traveling by road, this is the gear I’ll take. Although I do like to use watercolor notebooks, I prefer traveling with the Moleskine Art Notebooks, which is a much better surface for writing notes and for line drawings.

With this paper, I apply the watercolor much drier, so that its applied to the paper almost like gouache.

A larger watercolor case like this allows you to travel with 36 or more pigments, and lots of surface space to mix color.

  • One large 5″ × 8¼” Moleskine Art notebook
  • Waterproof watercolor travel case
  • tube watercolor pigments
  • Fine and think liner pens
  • 3 Water brushes

Watercolor Pencils and 5″ × 8¼” Sketch Journal

Watercolor pencils are a great tool for the travel sketcher, because they allow you to add dry watercolor to line drawings in the field in a very precise and fine-grained way, and go back later and apply water to apply the effects of watercolor. Colored pencils do add weight, and keeping them in a case is essential to protect the tips.

  • One large 5″ × 8¼” Moleskine Sketch notebook
  • Set of watercolor pens
  • Leather pencil case
  • One Micron liner pen

Nib Pen With Winsor Newton Drawing Ink

One very lightweight travel sketchbook solution is to carry a small bottle of drawing ink, a nib pen and a small journal. Winsor Newton drawing inks come in small, indestructible glass jars that never leak when closed. This solution is so compact that I often carry my ink and liner pen or nib pen in my pocket. This is similar to the set-up I brought to Morocco.

  • One small 5 ½”x 3 ½” Moleskine Watercolor notebook
  • One bottle Winsor Newton drawing ink
  • Nib Pen with a nib for fine drawing detail.

Winsor newton ink and brush pen

A variation of the drawing ink toolkit is to replace the nib pen with a brush pen and liner pen. This solution worked well in my Paris sketchbook.

  • One small 5 ½”x 3 ½” Moleskine notebook
  • One bottle Winsor Newton drawing ink
  • One brush pen
  • One liner pen matching the color of the drawing ink

Spot Color with Gouache

One of my favorite lightweight travel sketchbook set-ups is to carry one or two gouache colors in a mini-Altoid tin. Gouache applies to a variety of Moleskine papers really well, and it doesn’t bleed or run on Moleskine art paper the way watercolor does.

Try carrying just a single color, such as sepia to match sepia liner pens, and a strong red or blue. I use the sepia to apply shading, and the bright spot color to give each sketch a bit of extra detail.

Masking fluid also works really well with gouache on a Moleskine notebook. This compact masking fluid product called Masquepen comes out in fine detail. I duct-tape a sharp, long pin to the side of the bottle to pierce the narrow opening when the masking fluid freezes the opening.

  • One small 5 ½”x 3 ½” Moleskine notebook
  • One Altoid tin with 1-2 Gouache paints
  • One brush pen
  • One liner pen matching the color of the drawing ink
  • Masking Fluid

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