The Ten Bells Pub in London, England

The Ten Bells pub in London is a historic and iconic establishment located in the Spitalfields neighborhood of the city. The pub has been in operation for over 300 years and has a rich history and cultural significance.

One of the most notable aspects of the Ten Bells pub is its association with the infamous serial killer, Jack the Ripper. The pub was a popular haunt for the victims of the killer, and it is believed that he may have even frequented the establishment himself. The Ten Bells has become a popular destination for those interested in the history of the Ripper murders and the pub has even been featured in several books and movies about the case.

In addition to its association with Jack the Ripper, the Ten Bells pub has also played a significant role in the history of the Spitalfields neighborhood. The area has a rich history of immigration and the pub has served as a gathering place for many different communities over the years. The pub has also been a center of the local music and art scene and has played host to many famous musicians and artists throughout its history.

Despite its historical significance, the Ten Bells pub remains a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. The pub serves a variety of traditional British beers and ales, and it also offers a menu of traditional pub food. The atmosphere inside the pub is warm and welcoming, and it is a great place to relax and enjoy a pint with friends.

The Ten Bells is also known for its beautiful architecture, both inside and outside, with Victorian tiling and a historic interior. This pub is also known for its ghost stories, as many people have reported strange happenings inside.


Overall, the Ten Bells pub is a unique and fascinating destination in London. With its rich history and cultural significance, it is a must-see for anyone interested in the city’s past and present. The pub’s association with Jack the Ripper, its role in the history of the Spitalfields neighborhood, and its ongoing popularity as a gathering place for locals and visitors alike all make it a truly special and memorable destination.

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