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So, we recently found our favorite hotel in London. It isn’t posh. It isn’t massive, nor is it expensive. Yet the things we’ve preached over the years in terms of value, cleanliness, service, all in a great location, we had plenty of that when we stayed at The Belgrave Hotel in London.


First area – cleanliness. Little matters about a hotel stay if you aren’t absolutely confident that the place you’re sleeping is clean, and that you’re safe. It was obvious upon entry that the staff and management at The Belgrave Hotel has their act together.

The lobby is beautiful, and clean, as well as nicely decorated for the holidays. The rooms were small but comfortable, without even the smallest speck of dust above picture frames and objects around the room.


The service at the Belgrave was friendly and accommodating the second we walked in the door. Anything we needed, we received (and promptly). What we were move impressed with, however, was the attention we received when I unfortunately tore my calm muscle and stumbled back to the hotel, hopping on one foot.

The Italian gentleman working the desk that night (I wish I could remember his name – my fault, not his), rushed to get a bag of ice, asked if I needed anything from their first aid cabinet, and subsequently called a cab to take us to the local urgent care for a little treatment.

Service is in the little things, it’s in caring. They care at the Belgrave.


This is the easiest no-brainer. You’re located in a quaint area (Pimlico) of the most popular borough in London (Westminster). Ten minutes in one direction, and you’re at Victoria Station, and ten minutes in the other direction, you’re at the Thames.

You’re close to everything, but somehow not in the “middle” of the true hustle that happens near Westminster Bridge. I can honestly say the location is perfect.


When you add all this up, you evaluate the value for what you spent. While we booked the hotel through Tripmasters, we understand that what we essentially paid was about $70 USD per night. While Tripmasters gives great discounts, this is just silly good for the quality of stay we had.

If you book The Belgrave Hotel by yourself, you’re still paying less than $200 USD per night most of the year, which, believe me, is great value in London for the location and the service received.

Our recommendation: Highly recommend.

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