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The most interesting part of traveling is also the most daunting – planning the actual trip. While there are seemingly endless number of companies and technologies that claim to actually automate the planning process, there’s only one we’ve seen that actually does it – Sygic Travel Trip Planner.

The best part? You can do all of this on a mobile device.

We’re beyond excited about the Sygic Travel Trip Planner, as its a seamless and easy way to create personalized itineraries without need of research, spending hours reading reviews on various websites, trying to decide how long certain excursions take, and ultimately deciding which activities you want to do.

The Sygic Travel Trip Planner can be found in both the Android and iTunes App Store, is simple to download and incredible easy to use. How easy? Easy enough to bypass all of the research and have a full itinerary built within minutes. You can either use a pre-established itinerary, or easily build your own using their stellar interface – either of which is free once you’ve downloaded the app.

Sygic Travel helps you easily build these itineraries by automatically calculating the shortest routes and travel times, and suggesting hotels and tours that match your desired trip. While you can visit their actual website at, the app is really all you need to get going.

Getting started is easy. Once you’ve downloaded the app and opened it, you’ll be taken to an entry screen that ask you to start your itinerary. There’s a menu to the left with your basic profile information, including GPS navigation capabilities from wherever you are (no more getting lost!), as well as offline maps that are pre-downloaded so that they’ll work even when you down have service. We’ve been in the Yucatan Peninsula a few times, and could’ve used that!

The ensuing screen to the left shows scheduled trips, trips you’ve had in the past, and allows you to revisit trashed itineraries, should you want to revisit one. Simply press the “plus” button to get started.

Here’s the fun part – planning the trip! Simply type in the city you’re looking for. In this instance, we’ll be showing you how to plan a few days in London, England.

For most cities, you’ll automatically see pre-established itineraries that have been submitted by fellow users. You can peruse these as you want based on length of trip (anywhere between one day and multiple weeks). You can, however, choose the button at the top and start with a blank itinerary of your own. Since this is what you really need to know how to use the most, we’ll run through a basic example of how this works.

Once you’ve selected the option to build from scratch, you’ll come to a screen with a little information to fill out. This includes the planned dates of your stay, where you’ll be arriving into London (or wherever you’re staying), as well as hunt for hotels! Simply click on the individual fields to edit.

Choose where you’re arriving…

Where you would like to stay…

And, it’s automatically imported into the itinerary you’re building. Now, understand that with each one of these screens you can drill into the different hotels, look at ratings, and see if it’s a place where you want to stay.

With the dates in, this is how your basic itinerary will begin looking.

Now just select “Create Trip” to start putting it all together with excursions!

You’ll be taken to a new screen with a map of the city, various places, tours (that include booking information), car rental, as well as a map of the city and public transportation such as the London Tube.

There’s even a MAP of the London Tube System in the app!

You can drill into the map of the city by simply using two fingers to zoom in. You can easily target into areas near the hotel you’ve chosen so you have a general idea of what you’ll actually be able to get to! Additionally, you can find nearby shops, restaurants, or even some of the famous London pubs.

When you see something you want to add the itinerary, it’ll give you a general idea of how long it actually takes to visit. In this instance, Big Ben can be seen in only about 15 minutes, as is evident by the blue bar.

Select the day you want to add excursion…

And, now you officially have the makings of an itinerary!

You can continue to add pieces and excursions to each day, and have an immediate estimation of how much time you’ll be investing in excursions for that day. Continue to build by adding, until you’ve added all you want to add.

Otherwise, you can also use a pre-built trip, such as this example of “Best of London in One Day”. As you can see, this includes 19 locations, takes about 10 hours, and includes a list of all the excursions – such as the Tower Bridge, Tower of London, Tower Hill, and Mansion House.

With the app, you can also take general video tours of the city that are interactive, and move with your hand. This gives you a 360 degree view of the city from virtually any excursion or landmark!

Once you’re done, just save your itinerary and either download or share with friends and travel companions!

That’s all there is to it, and within minutes you can build your own itinerary in a place you’ve never been, thousands of miles away. No money spent on expensive travel agents, no endless hours researching activities, just pure travel!

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