Make Your Own Healthy Airplane Travel Food

Ever travel with someone that has food allergies or Celiac Disease? No reason to feel hungry or left out when you travel abroad. Before any flight I prepare a few …

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11 Thoughts to “Make Your Own Healthy Airplane Travel Food”

  1. What do you do when you get to security? Do you have to take it out, and put it on the belt?

  2. I was waiting for her to bust out a grill and make a steak next.

  3. can we bring our one food on airplane??? 😮

  4. For short flights, just eat before you board. For long flights lasting over 10 hours, most the cooked food that you want to eat will get spoiled before you can get to them. One can't just eat nuts and seeds all the time. Canned food will be confiscated by airport security. So there may not be a happy solution, especially if you are on a low-carb diet.

  5. can u bring a salad on a airplane with you

  6. @Jihee Kim  +@KewpieGirl thanks for the love guys!

    For planes you can always bring food on just not liquids.. On some airplanes and location depending they will allow you to bring water on to the plane while others won't allow it. 

    Safe travels and keep me posted on what you bring with you! Lets keep the inspiration  going for others : )

    Much love!

  7. Do your co passengers ever look at your food in a hungry way? Have you ever felt guilty and offered to share?

  8. J K

    I like this video and your sweet wink at the end! 🙂  I will be going to take a plane that is a 25-hours long (approximately) ride, so is that okay to bring those ingredients on the plane?

  9. such a great idea, most people think you have to sacrifice yourself to the airplane food gods but you do not clearly!

  10. Ha! Thats what I do for lunch everyday at work

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