How to travel when you make your own kefir,

In this video You find out how to travel for per week or two when making your own kefir!!. Making your own probiotics could be completed if you travel simply throw them within the …

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4 Thoughts to “How to travel when you make your own kefir,”

  1. Is it better to keep it on the fridge for a week or freeze it, as you showed in your previous video?

  2. Thanks for the fast response! I figure since it takes us a about a week to consume one batch that we might as well just let the other batch sit and ferment in the fridge.

  3. I live in a warm tropical climate and was wondering if i could just let the kefir ferment in the refridgerator or does it really need to be set out to ferment at room temperature? I noticed that when i started making kefir that the fermentation was very fast at about 4-5 hours and if i did not keep a close eye on the kefir it would seperate.

  4. Have you ever made a yogurt with Almond milk Kefir or could you? I'd be interested to try it!

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