How To Spend 5 Days In Sydney

How To Spend 5 Days In Sydney

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Sydney is definitely one of the most beautiful touristic hot spots in the worlds, which everyone should visit at least once. Still, the greatest problem with planning a trip to Sydney, especially one that takes less than 7 or 10 days is that you will miss out on so many amazing experiences. That is, unless you manage to plan your itinerary so that you use every single moment in this amazing city as best as you can.

While this may sound difficult, it is definitely doable. With this in mind, here is our ultimate guide for spending five unforgettable days in Sydney.

Day One: Start With A Walk

The first thing on your to-do list in Sydney should definitely be getting to know the city on foot. You could try to make your route according to tips from the locals or even people who visited Sydney themselves or you could take a look at the map and come up with a plan of your own. With Google maps, you will be able to see all the interesting places in the vicinity of your hotel and then look for all the nearby places you want to visit. Then, you can make a list of all these locations numerically, so that you make a full circle.

One suggestion is to start at Circular Quay and then proceed through the Rocks District. This would allow you to see at least a couple of Sydney’s iconic landmarks like the Opera House and Harbor Bridge in a single go. From here, you can proceed to the city center.

Day Two: Take Some Pictures

Your sightseeing during day one might have produced a couple of permanent mementos in the form of pictures, but there is a way to take this idea up a notch. What you need to do is find the perfect place and there are several you definitely need to visit. First, you need to climb the Sydney Skywalk and from here take photos that will no doubt encompass most of Sydney’s metropolitan area.

Next, you should climb the above-mentioned Sydney Harbor Bridge and take a selfie at the top. Not only will this provide proof of your exploit (when you retell it over and over again back home) but also become a permanent memory of this trip.

Day Three: Culture, Art, and History

Once you have taken your stroll around the city and taken some pictures, it might be the right time to learn a thing or two about Sydney. While some prefer to cram a visit to a museum or two during their day-one stroll, it is always best to set aside a special day to head to the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Hyde Park Barrack Museum and the Sydney Observatory.

Needless to say, a visit to these three places alone will teach you about the heart and soul of the city far better than any history book ever could.

Day Four: Hunter Valley Wine Tasting Tour

It just wouldn’t be right if you missed out on the opportunity to pay a visit to the amazing Hunter Valley, not far from Sydney. Still, this is about a three and a half-hour drive, which is why you might want to dedicate your entire day to it.

Furthermore, if you plan on taking a ride to your target location, make sure that you do a quick maintenance check before you go. Just find a nearby mobile mechanic and ask them to take a look at your car before you go. For those who embark on a full-day tour, there are wine tastings, observations of the winemaking process and, of course, a gourmet lunch.

Day Five: Hit The Beach

Finally, for your last day in this Australian metropolis, you absolutely must enjoy its most beautiful asset – its amazing beaches. Here, you can spend an entire day tanning, learning how to surf or simply recovering from a hangover you got as a souvenir from your wine tour.

The list is endless, with Bondi, Avalon and Tamarama serving as just some of the options available to you. Ideally, you would pick the one nearest to your hotel or even visit several of them during your last day.


While this may be far from everything you can do in this amazing city, the plan for each day is meant to teach you something new about Sydney and provide you with a completely new experience. As for everything else you’ve missed out on, well, there’s always a second time.

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