How to Make your own Easy Sketchbooks! mini Travel sketchbooks or notebooks.

Want to make your own sketchbooks to fill with cute kawaii things? me too! let’s do it! In this video I’m going to show you how to make super cute tiny sketch …

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35 Thoughts to “How to Make your own Easy Sketchbooks! mini Travel sketchbooks or notebooks.”

  1. I'm gonna to try make my own sketchbook later it will be neat n creative.

  2. +Doodle DrawCute; Hi I Just Post To Ask You What Size Paper Did You Used for both White & Blue Sheets; (Eg: A1,2,3,4,5 etc). Only asking. I look forward to your reply a.s.a.p. Tafs

  3. +Doodle DrawCute; Hi I just post to say that I did try making this mini notebook project & It turn awesome but I think now looking back at the video I think I missed out a step. I Share The Steps I Used to make these following your tutorial below: I made three of these.
    Steps I remember from following your tutorial
    I got four sheets of each color paper. Then I folded the each sheet in half & cut up on the creased line to get 8 half sheet pieces. Wish I believe is right; right.
    but I'm thinking I folded each 8 half sheets in half after I had cut up the line; but I'm not certain now because when I try to make a fourth notebook the pages are a ending up a lot smaller size than the size I made with the other three notebooks. Why Is This So? Please Let Me Know What or If I'm Doing Something Wrong. I look forward to your reply a.s.a.p. Tafs

    NB: I Used Color Construction Paper. I Probably Believe that my Paper Size Is Slightly larger than the one shown in the video. Again I'm not certain of this. Anyways Thanks Again for your Help In Advance.

  4. A duck walked up to a lemonade stand and he said to the women running the stand, hey bom bom bom, have you got any likes?

  5. You are so good and you are really interesting

  6. You are so so so so so good I wish I was you but I had a stable but I have no stable klips

  7. What happens I you don't have a stable x

  8. This is so amazing and inspiring

  9. I’m gonna make a book about me with that

  10. Thank you so much ! All the other tutorials need drills and threading and even leather! Your way is better and doesn’t need a lot of materials

  11. Thank you this was soo cool and colorful ^_^

  12. Where did you get your stapler?

  13. thank you very much now I can make my own notebook
    I love it very much

  14. thanks alot!!! I love it so much!!! it was so simple!!! Thank you!!! 😊💓💓💓

  15. Thank you!!! It was easy to make.



  18. It is so so so much cool and lovely. 😘💖👍👌

  19. This actually worked guys best video ever!!!!!!!

  20. I've watched this video like over 30 times but it is so interesting

  21. This a great idea I made a lot of them with my friend thanks for sharing

  22. this is amazing! This will make grate gift to someone, also important (which I loved) that you explained this whole thing with calm and clear voice :3 thank you for sharing this!

  23. Thank you so much!!This was really really helpful!!

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