How To Make Travel Videos – Equipment To Make Your Own Travel Memories

How to make travel videos, the equipment we use for our travel memories. Our subscriber Eric requested a video on what we use to document our travels.

source Travel On Your Own

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14 Thoughts to “How To Make Travel Videos – Equipment To Make Your Own Travel Memories”

  1. Great video.. super useful 🙂

  2. *drool*
    Sorry about that. Totally digging those images you showed! Man, you guys really know how to make awesome images! 😀
    Andehhh, nice toys you got! Can I come over to play? 😀 Then you may play with my ever so impractical, but super stable handy cam. One hour of filming and I guarantee, you'll have one super duper Popeye the Sailorman arm! Now who couldn't resist such an amazing offer? ^_^ <3

  3. Got it, film people in secret. On it.

  4. Hey Alex, do you use a cloud service such as iCloud, google cloud, etc. for your gorgeous videos storage?

  5. I forgot to say great thumbnail- hilarious 😂

  6. As if you used to carry a zoom around!! I was using my brothers to do VOs for my series when I was back in the UK but now I just have to use the rode which is not as subtle but nevermind!! Good selection of kit!!

  7. Love what you guys come up with. What editing software do you use to create your vlogs? Any supplemental programs? Where do you get your music? Thanks!

  8. Bloody love your beard at the mo. And these how to videos.

  9. Good stuff. Have you ever looked into the Rode Videomicro mic? I'm sure you have. But that's what I use and it's fantastic. OOOORRRR if you don't want to spend any money….Just find some old foam like material, cut a tiny piece out of it and use a rubber band to hold it right on top of the camera internal mic. I do that for my gopro and it works awesome. Still able to hear your own voice clearly and will block most of the background noise. Of course, for youtube videos only. That DJI footage is super rad.

  10. Cool video! Check out my channel .. if you like it subscribe and I'll subscribe back! Thanks!

  11. That was really useful! We always use the Olympus Tough camera which is waterproof and (very importantly with me around) shockproof! Although we don't do any youtube vids we are considering doing some for our next trip in a few weeks ( India, our first time, eek!) so some great tips for us, thank you guys!

  12. If your equipment is missing later today, don't blame me. I have an alibi hahaha. This was really helpful and will be a good guide for me. Thanks

  13. Heya 😊 Hope you guys are both doing well 🙂 Love watching your videos. What video editing software do you use? X

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