EVERYTHING I OWN fits in my backpack | minimalist full-time travel

We’ve off to Zagreb in a few days, and then we have only two weeks until we buy our van! Woo! Check out this video for details of my stuff: …

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17 Thoughts to “EVERYTHING I OWN fits in my backpack | minimalist full-time travel”

  1. Omg gurl how do you carry this! If I tried I’m sure it would be like carrying a person. Damn….. cool vid though

  2. Q: ok, you carry everything you own in your bag but what about documents, certificates, degrees, passport_photos, insurance policies etc., paperwork you might need just in case but you want to avoid carrying because of its bulk and weight. Have them all scanned and stored in a virtual vault/cloud?
    Same Q about storing pics and videos, external hd? A tiny laptop for editing? What about backup?
    I did spend once a year on the road in Asia but back then my only virtual vault was my Hotmail inbox so I kept the rest in a Ortlieb transparent waterproof A4 bag (the copy of my travel/health insurance saved me during my first travel to India in ‘96 when barely conscious and with high fever because of dysentery knocked the door of a hospital in Delhi).

    Thank you for posting your positive vibes and great videos! Minimalist living can be very contagious. Actually we soon realize all the material goodies we worked so hard to attain thinking will make us free have actually taken away that very freedom.

    To roam across the planet (especially Asia) with a small bag is the highest kick there is. The smaller the bag the bigger the fun! For my next India travel I intend packing all I need into a +/- 20 liter bag. Once I showed up in a youth hostel in Brussels with no luggage at all and was denied entry because they said without luggage I wasn’t a serious traveler to let me in lol

    My fav quote: “A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving” Lao Tzu

    Keep on truckin’ 🙂

  3. I really like the way you explain things in depth in your videos. Keep up with the minimalism goals. 🌺

  4. They still make the backpacks. They're EVERYWHERE here in norway.

  5. I am thinking of buying this backpack for an oncoming trip and hopefully more thereafter. do you have the S/M or M/L size? Thank you for uploading this video!

  6. Really enjoying this style of video, have a safe trip and I'm looking forward to your next video already ! 😀

  7. I've sure like the backpack style carryon bag. I have the Tortuga Setout Backpack thats 45L. I'll have to try it without packing cubes. Its so much easier getting around the airport and other places with a well constructed backpack that has padded shoulder straps and a hip belt than a roller bag.

  8. Hope you had a fun time where you are and how you have even a better time where you were going

  9. So glad you’re moving hope you really like it your videos are great keep it up

  10. Would love to hear how it goes with Xero Shoes customer service. I’ve been thinking about getting a pair of the sandals, but have heard they do tend to break in the same place yours did.

  11. Man, I love your Osprey. I got the Kyte 36 last year, with the intention I would pack less for travel, but it's not quite big enough for adding camping/hiking supplies. Your pack is configured really well, and I agree that getting rid of the packing cubes works out better with a backpack!

  12. This is very inspirational, just as the previous 'everything i own' video 🙂 Thank you!

  13. I'm so excited about you both getting a van and all the process in between😁 and I really really like your Osprey bag, the folding Wayfarers and the Thermoball jacket 💚 About the Osprey bag, I've seen they have one for women, but I guess you have the one you linked in the description box, right? Thank you again for vlogs!!!

  14. That’s such a pain that you have to carry so many documents with you! I’ve seen other youtubers with equally bulky folders. You’d think they’d digitize things at least a little.

  15. Movin' on – Exciting! What do you use the kitchen scale for that's it's worth carrying? Missouri USA

  16. I doubted you – I thought that no way would it all fit! That backpack is like the Tardis hehe. Best wishes from the UK.

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