David Bohm Film and a Freebie – Stuck in Customs

David Bohm Film and a Freebie – Stuck in Customs

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To celebrate September… (how is it September already?) – here’s a great video sent to me from a friend…

Some Free Content from KelbyOne

I talked to my friend Kalebra Kelby and we decided, in honor of Burning Man, to release this whole interview free for a week! It’s called “The Personal Side of Trey Ratcliff” – haha I find that title funny because I’m always very open… but Kalebra is so lovely and she asks some very interesting questions. It’s one of a ton of different videos on Kelby One…maybe the strangest one, in fact. We don’t just talk about Burning Man, of course… all sorts of stuff! But I did record this about 24 hours after I left Burning Man and flew right to see her in Florida. I don’t even know how I was able to be mildly functional after that wild week! Anyway, yeah if you sign up with just your email and the basics (no card), you can see the full interview and some other content for free. I’ll share snippets of it over the next few days on social media. Thanks, Kalebra! BTW, right after I filmed this I almost got stuck with her and Scott before the hurricane hit Florida (I think this was 2017 after my 8th Burning Man?) but I got the last flight out! And not too long after that, they came out to New Zealand to spend some great times… very special. Thanks again for making this free, Kalebra! Here’s the link to join!

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