COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories + Bad Idea Memes and Why You Should Not Believe Them – Stuck in Customs

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Apr 2020 : Saturday

Here’s a new Video from my cabin about why your should doubt and question all conspiracy theories!

Before I piss off MOST people that will watch this, let me say one thing… When people feel like they are “out of control” of their own lives (which many people do now), they may seek to believe in outlandish ideas that confirm their navel-gazing victimhood. If you don’t believe in yourself, you’ll believe in anything. This video, while fun, will give you another perspective. Many people will be insulted by this video (especially those of you that believe in scientific properties of Essential Oils). If you can, try not to let your ego be affronted; instead, use it as an opportunity to do more critical thinking on your own rather than adopting the ideas of other people because they sound good.

The world and the universe are not out to get you. It’s not happening against you; it’s happening for you. A positive frame of reference is important. Don’t adopt other people’s ideas because they confirm your own nascent notions of self-doubt and that you are a victim of some globalized or localized plot against you. All of these self-fictional instantiations are creations that spring from an over-active ego and self-identity which will make you think you are the center of the universe. You’re not. You’re here to help, love, and take care of other people, yeah! 🙂 I hope this video helps you to put yourself in a more positive place, rather than many other videos out there that will take you down a spiraling rabbit hole of your own demise.

Below are some great resources for you to keep you in the right frame of mind! 🙂

Humans can be tricked into the belief of fictional realities via Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari.

Reliable information on misinformation here and here.

Best Covid-19 News fact site without opinions.

The Dream Podcast

World Dashboard Tracking the Spread of Covid-19.

An interesting opinion piece on conspiracy theorists.

Daily Photo – An Autumn Walk in Kyoto

I believe that Kyoto has hundreds of temples, and at almost every one, you can see scenes like this. I don’t know a lot about trees, but I’m pretty sure those red ones are Japanese maples. Well, now I’m not so sure because the Japanese maples in my yard turn red in the Spring. Maybe they turn red in the Autumn too? Well, I guess I had should pay better attention!

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