Colossus by the Sand-Ocean – Stuck in Customs

Colossus by the Sand-Ocean – Stuck in Customs

Save on your hotel -

EDIT: Well that’s weird… where is Colossus? I guess she got stuck in the Sand-Ocean. Maybe tomorrow…

Cool New Game

If you hold one of my NFTs, or even if you don’t and you just like puzzles, check this out…

I helped hide a clue in a huge NFT Treasure Hunt called PhrazeBoard.

This unique event is curated by artist @phrazeart. It kicks off soon and there are two ways to play:

PB:RED has a a 7.77 ETH Grand Prize, and will be 100% free to play at
PB:BLUE has a PROOF Collective Pass Grand Prize, and requires an ACCESS PASS to play. (Current Proof floor is 75ETH!)

ACCESS PASSES will be available to the public for 0.16 ETH, BUT…. Because I am one of the collaborators on the project, anyone holding one of my NFTs can mint an ACCESS PASS for just .09 ETH. We’ve also got a prize up for grabs along the hunt for whoever solves our clue first (there are many prizes from a whole bunch of artists so even if you don’t win the grand prize there are still cool things to be had!). Here are the PREMINT links to register:

For Beautiful Cities Holders:
For Drop 1 Holders:
For AiVATAR Holders:
For Heart Chakra Holders:

(Anyone with an NFT from any other Trey collection, open a support ticket on my Discord before noon on the 29th May and we’ll get you sorted.)

Be sure to watch the trailer on Premint (or below) for a bit more info about the project!

Happy hunting!

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