Can You Travel To Kiev Ukraine On Your Own ?!! Stay Safe & Save Money !!!

I had created video lessons on this topic that will help you customize your needs and save !!!

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15 Thoughts to “Can You Travel To Kiev Ukraine On Your Own ?!! Stay Safe & Save Money !!!”

  1. short answer is yes, man up and do it on your own, it is so much more satisfying and you learn more about where you are going and about yourself. I did it, and it was the best experience of my life next to the birth of my kids. find an apartment to stay in instead of a hotel, that way you can go to the grocery shop and cook for yourself, when you are with your lady, if you dont understand Russian or Ukrainian, get a translator app for your phone (i still recommend learning at least a little language), I actually went to Zaporozhye, havent been to Kyiv or Lviv or Odessa yet, but I definitely want to eventually visit those cities. I actually had a nice conversation with a taxi driver who was telling me about Donbass and that he had to take his family from Donetsk because of all the fighting. The people are super nice.

  2. Good girl, I'm glad you give advice, keep it up

  3. I will rely on the data that the Dutch Ministery of Foreign Affairs put on its website. At this moment, Ukraine may be safe but here are some security risks, you should be aware of. I don't think going to Ukraine is a real problem.

    There are three areas that is really unsafe. They are Crimea, the oblasti of Donec'k and Luhans'k.

  4. I have traveled to Ukraine for business since 1996. Take a small spiral notebook. When you are at a location you want to return to. Ask someone to write the name and address in the address book. You write in English. People in Ukraine are very helpful and friendly. After a few days you can move around the city easily

  5. She's absolutely right!! Just returned on the 12th after spending 2 weeks in Kiev, hired a young couple as personal guides for one day, after that I met a beautiful Ukrainian woman with whom I spent many wonderful hours with in conversation and sharing delicious meals with together.

  6. The reason the agencies say that is because they want that money. I just went by myself and did it all myself. I found out I really needed to know more Russian when I got to Moscow, and it would be very helpful and maybe necessary to know a little Russian or Ukrainian if you are going to Ukraine. The cheapest place I know of to stay is airbnb and the cheapest place I found to eat was the little kiosks on the street., I got the chicken rollups they were about $2.25 or $2.50 and they were large enough to cut them in half and get 2 meals out of them The meat in the grocery stores was very expensive, about $16 a pound. That was in 2011 in Odessa. I wish they had airbnb when I went, it would have saved me a lot of money, it cost me $1600 for a month for the cheapest apartment I could find because it was in the high season and in a tourist trap are.

  7. I've been to Ukraine 2x so far. The first was in December 2012 to Kiev and the second to Sumy, August 2017. Both trips I planned myself and though I had a few snafus, I had an amazing time. Everywhere, there was always someone willing to help if needed. I knew a few words, but mostly I needed very little once I was there. I found a few apartment rentals sites very convenient, including AirBnB, and easy to use. Most will even provide some transportation assistance if you need it. Getting anywhere from Borispyl isn't easy, especially once the cab drivers find out you're a "rich foreigner." However, the ones I've dealt with were very friendly and eager to help. I love the country and fell in love with it and the people on the first trip. I plan to visit several more cities in the future. I cannot rave enough about this place!

  8. It simply is the best way to travel!

  9. i been going to Ukraine for about 12 years now. i never had a guild or a friend. first trip was fun. still remember not knowing any russian. go to train station.. could not even read the ticket or where to get on train. figured it out and arrived in a city will nothing booked. the people was great. made great friends and had my best trip ever.. unless you got totally no common sense you not need a guild.. and now it more easier then was years ago to get around.. now a lot speck english. most did not back then. tours etc just wasting your $. go have fun just use common scene or like anywhere in world. you ask for trouble will find it

  10. I'll be traveling with my children and would like to hear any tips you have about that.

  11. No problems for me, I have always done a lot of travel to “other” places alone, I always have found meeting people and exploring new places fun. Also nice to have someone to share time with. I am excited about thjs summer. Good video!!!

  12. I traveled alone last August. I would recommend getting a tour guide the first day you're in the city to familiarize yourself.

    Also download the map of the area on Google Maps so you always know how to get back to your hotel or apartment.

    I really enjoyed my time there and I hope to go back soon

  13. Well, I am an American man here in Kyiv, been here since March 6th…no problems!!!

    But bring an offline translator like Promt Translator, and also Google Maps. Knowing basic Russian phrases also help.

    I rented an apartment for 11 days on Sofiivs'ka St, 4 in Kyiv for $400. Very convenient location!

    I have 3 different Metro stations with 15 minutes of me that pretty much cover the city. I bought a Metro card with 10 – one way journeys for 60 uah…less than $3 usd.

    Only advice, stay off the Metros during rush hours (unless you like being a sardine). Just like Dallas or Houston, this city is very big!

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