Alan Watts Discovers Zen and Enlightenment at Burning Man – 4 Different AIs in 1  – Stuck in Customs

This method combines 4 totally different AIs into one to create one thing completely new. It’s all 100% AI-generated. One AI is for the photograph of Alan. One is for the “speech” about discovering zen at Burning Man, a spot Alan has by no means been. Another is to emulate his voice, which I skilled with dozens of his speeches. This turned out to be slightly troublesome as a result of Alan has one of many strangest speech patterns since Elon Musk. The final is video animation that maps his voice to the photograph to create a video the place he blinks, strikes his mouth, twists his face right here and there, pores and skin motion, and so on.

This artwork mission explores that “edge” between what the ersatz and the precise. Right now, as of the precise time of publishing, we’re proper on the sting of making one thing that’s 100% convincing. Actually, many many individuals will assume that is actual because it passes their very own semi-Turning take a look at, whereas superior individuals in the artwork/video/CG/AI world will have the ability to detect a number of the little “peccadillos” that really feel slightly uncanny valley. But, quickly sufficient, all of that can fade away and nobody will have the ability to inform the distinction between what’s actual and what will not be. Does it matter? This is similar “veil” between what’s actual and what will not be actual that I’ve at all times explored with my pictures and different artwork tasks as effectively.

And Here’s the Creation


As for the instruments (and I’ll add extra information and screenshots and failures right here quickly), it was Midjourney for the photograph of Alan Watts, ChatGPT for the story about discovering zen at Burning Man, Eleven for voice emulation, and Studio D-DI for the animation that brings all of them into the ultimate video.

Also, maybe you’d prefer to see a few of my latest AI thematic creations. Enjoy!

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BTW, I began up a brand new AI Instagram @Trairatcliff account so I may maintain my fundamental Instagram extra with conventional pictures. Be one of many first to affix! And inform your mates, however solely the cool ones… not the vitality vampire pals you are attempting to eliminate. 🙂

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