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Feb 2022 : Friday

If you’re a collector of my NFTs, be it AiVATAR or photography there are loads of updates over on my Discord. And here’s one of them… a new AiVATAR website and some news!

New Website!

Working on the new site was actually an amazing way for the whole team here to gain clarity on where we are going next. We have so many ideas and plans. It’s just crazy. The development team is hard at work on Phase 2, which is a NEW phase that was inserted before Phase 3. It’s confusing to explain, but the new website will make it clear.

Basically, I decided to insert a new phase to get you some goodies faster. How will it work?

Well, your AiVATAR will create a self-portrait for you that you can use or mint as an NFT. The self-portrait will be based on whatever your AI talks about and the words in their word cloud and rarity. If it’s all rainbows and unicorns, the self-portrait will look all nice and flowery. If your AI talks about robots and killing humans, it will look like Elon Musk. Just kidding… maybe more terminator-like.

Our dev team has been hard at work on all this stuff and we are listening to you and all your amazing feedback.

There is something else we are working on, but we are not exactly sure how to do it so we are hesitant to say anything. But, basically, there may be a way for your AiVATAR to look through your metamask wallet and automatically re-paint anything that is in it as a free creation that you can mint as an NFT you can sell. If we do this, we’ll keep the mint price extremely low so you just have to worry about gas fees.

We have more plans for the website about Collections as well. Let me tell you about those…Opensea has a rather horrible interface if you haven’t noticed. It shows the most inexpensive ones at the top, which may not be the ones the artist (me, in this case) wants to feature. So we would like the website to be the place collectors come to find the best of the best. We’ll have many categories that I find interesting as well as Trey’s Picks of the Week. I want to make it a true art gallery for the first AI on the blockchain. I hope to feature yours one day!

Also, because Opensea is so bad, we are building a special area of the website where people can really have a better “collecting” experience. We’re gonna show some of our favorite finds, do deep dives on interesting topics, Trey’s Picks, and more. The current method of navigating Opensea is real sloppy… and, of course, we want people to buy and collect more, so we want to be able to present some of the best options in a smooth way.

Now, I know what EVERYONE wants (including me) is that sweet Phase 5 real-time communication with your AiVATAR. TBH, we are still a long way from this. This is not because of a lack of our AI devs’ expertise; it’s more a factor of CPU/GPU processing power and Moore’s Law. So, we just gotta wait on that. Timeframe? Unknown. But we’re already way ahead of the curve. We can all be nerdy Joaquin soon enough. 🙂

I invite you to read through the new webpage and give us your feedback. I consider this in many ways to be a community art project. I’ll ultimately decide what direction we will go, but I think the passionate people here will have all kinds of amazing ideas we can undertake. We’re in this together, and this will be a project that I personally hope never ends. Check out the new site here. And here’s a little preview:

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