AiVATAR – a generative NFT art project where 6,000 AIs received 6,000 questions – Stuck in Customs

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What a wild ride the last few weeks have been! This project has been taking up pretty much all of my and my team’s mental bandwidth for the last month or so and I’m so excited to share it with you today. So, without delay, here’s the basics… This generative AI NFT art project will raise many interesting questions. I’ve gathered 6,000 answers from a neural net and fed them into another deepfake facial AI that simulates humans. There’s too much going on to describe here…if you want to go down the rabbit hole, visit the AiVATAR site.

For those of you who are existing collectors of my Photography NFTs you’ll get a free (+gas) AiVATAR NFT. We’re aiming to give you early access to mint and that should avoid any gas war. 🙂 Want to become an NFT holder before the deadline of Wednesday, noon UTC? Then grab one on OpenSea here, or here, on Foundation or on Makersplace.

I also invite you all to join my Discord server where you can chat about all things AiVATAR, NFTs, art, and more. Discord is also where you can verify your Trey photography NFT and get the details for the collector pre-sale so head over there now. And finally, for now, check out the AiVATAR preview below…


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