A Local’s Guide to What to do in Barcelona at Night

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Barcelona, a mind-blowing city with an architectural wonder on its center: Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia. But what is there to do in Barcelona at night? A lot!

The cosmopolitan capital of Catalonia, Barcelona is a city of culture, art & enjoyment. Are you ready to have the best time of your life? 

Party, crazy people, incredible bars & insane disco…but that is not all there is to do in Barcelona at night.

Here is the local guide for those travelers on a budget and NetFlix lovers that prefer to discover the real insights of the city rather than the different types of Vodkas and Whiskeys (not that there’s anything wrong with that)

Barcelona at Night

Barcelona during the day is stunning, the architecture all around the city gives itself a magestuosic print.

The alternative and artistic vibes, have made Barcelona house of the most important artist in Spain throughout the years. 

Those characteristics of Barcelona makes it impressive not only during the day but when the sun goes down. What do you do in Barcelona at night?

That’s the most typical question when someone is new to Barcelona and visits it for the first time. That question and some more will be answered here. 

10 Things to do in Barcelona at night

Where to stay in Barcelona?

My three recommendations for where to stay in Barcelona are Meeting Point Hostels, ELLA Guest House Barcelona and Par Tailor’s Youth Hostel.

Is Barcelona safe for female travelers? 

Yes, Barcelona is usually safe if you take usual take precautions. Do not walk alone at night or with strangers and be aware of your surroundings.

What is the best way to get around Barcelona?

Barcelona has a lot of traffic and expensive public parking so I recommend a bicycle to get around Barcelona. Barcelona is extremely bike-friendly. 

Barcelona is one of the most touristic cities worldwide and the most touristic in Spain. If you are planning a brief stop in Barcelona and make it as a part of your east coast road trip in Spain you should spend at least 2 nights in this city. 

Do not expect expensive and party places…this insider’s guide has the purpose to show why a Netflix addict should go out at night and mixed with the local culture always with a low budget. 

1. Sunset in Tibidabo

what to do in barcelona at night | tibidabo

This is the highest gap (520 m) in Barcelona and one of the best places to watch the sunset in Barcelona.

Located in the Collserola mountain range, it is known as the Magic Mountain. It is the best lookout in Barcelona during the day but it is also beautiful at night.

The panoramic views of Barcelona are stunning, not only the views but what’s on it. One of the oldest Amusement parks still working in the country.

Although there are incredible antique attractions, there are also modern roller coasters. Have fun at the attractions in the afternoon and spend some time in the evening watching the amazing sunset.

You will see this spot almost from every part of the city, but being up there will leave you speechless.

2. Bunkers del Carmel

things to do in barcelona at night | bunkers del carmel

This lookout will allow you to have a 360º vision of the city of Barcelona.

It is located at the top of “Turó de la Rovira” in Carmel and it is 262 meters hight above sea level.

Although it contradicts the actual name, there have never been Bunkers here but an anti-aircraft battery used during the Spanish Civil War.

Nowadays it is one of the most visited places to watch the sunset.

This is my favorite place to come with friends and spend the last hours of the day.

  • It is easy to get to with public transport. Just catch bus 22 in the city center.
  • After that, all you need to do is follow the crowd during the five-minute walk after getting off the bus,

3. Paella cooking class

barcelona at night things to do | paella cooking class

I guess you already know about Spain and its outstanding food: Spanish omelet, incredible seafood and meat and, the typical food par excellence, Paella! 

In Barcelona, there are some places that besides indulging in several types of paellas, give you the opportunity of trying to learn how to cook it!

It is not only about that you are going to be able to surprise your family and friends when you go back to your country but the amazing time you will experience with your group trying to cook the most famous Spanish meal. 

  • I can recommend the Barcelona Paella experience for their customer attention always making the most for every person in the group. The experience is magical and is for all the public! They give you a glass of wine also…that makes the experience much better!

4. Tapas in La Barceloneta

basque country pinxos

When talking about food in Spain you will hear these two words very frequently: Tapas and Paella.

As we already know how to make the best paella to impress our beloved ones, we will need to learn what do Spaniards mean by Tapas. 

La Barceloneta is a coastal neighborhood with sandy beaches and it is the best spot in Barcelona for a tapas tour in the city.

For a local Spanish tapas experience, I would advise you to go to La Cova Fumada.

What is a tapa?

A tapa is a small piece of meat, seafood, or tortilla usually accompanied with bread, it sounds simple, right? Wait to see it! 

  • La Cova Fumada, a family business inaugurated in 1944 and it is, nowadays, the most typical tapas bar in Barcelona. It is located in the market square of La Barceloneta.
  • A curious fact about La Coba Fumada is that they do not have a sign on the door. To find it, look for the crowds making a queue outside the door.

5. Los Encants Market

Los Encants Market is a typical flea market full of antiques, alternative objects and all the variety of second-hand objects you could imagine.

It is located below an impressive mirror ceiling and counts with affordable restaurants and bars on the first floor.

In my opinion, this is a must-see durig your stay in Barcelona.

Visiting a local market is where you learn the most about local culture and traditions.

Also, if you left something at home while packing your travel backpack you’ll be sure to find it here at an affordable price. 

6. Light show at Montjuic Fountain (Magic Fountain)

mounjuic fountain at night in Barcelona Spain

The light show at Montjuic Fountain is marvelous.

The fountain was built in 1929 for the Universal exposition and, since then, has been giving to locals from Barcelona and tourist magical and colorful shows most evenings during the year.

The show performs 3 to 5 days of the week all year round, except the 7th of January to the 28th of February due to renovations and the technical works that are done in that period of the year.

The show goes from 20h to 21 h or 21 h to 22,h in the evening depending on the time of the year. Check out the timetables before going there.

7. Open-air cinema

There is no better plan to do at the weekend rather than watching a film under the starry sky of Barcelona.

Unfortunately, this can only be made in summer as if winter you could freeze watching a film outdoors.

My two favorite outdoor cinemas are, without a doubt Montjuic hall in Montjuic and Cinema Lliure in Barceloneta.

  • Montjuic Hall: is impressively located on the foot of a castle. What could be better than enjoying with such views of a good film on a summer night? There is also a small performance of live music before the film starts! 
  • Cinema Lliure: Stated in one of the most popular places of interest in the city, la Barceloneta. Go for a swim at Sant Sebastià beach and grab a drink and some food in one of the numerous restaurants and bars in from of the beach and get ready to take the pleasure of watching a film with the scenic views of the beach and Barcelona. 

8. Discover the urban art in Poblenou

what to do in barcelona at night | poblenou

Poblenou is the art and creativity district of Barcelona.

It has been an important historical, architectural, and economic district since the nineteenth century.

Poblenou is full of beautiful and interesting urban art.

I marked Poblenou as a must-do at night in Barcelona if you want to experience unique nightlife in Barcelona as there are a lot of local bars and restaurants that give this area a special touch.

Party at night surrounded by impressively painted walls when going out in Poblenou. 

9. Flamenco show

flamenco show | night time things to do in barcelona

You can not go to Barcelona without seeing a Flamenco Show.

What do I mean by Flamenco?

Flamenco is a Spanish musical genre that originated in the South of Spain but has roots in every Spanish city.

The dancer (artist) is represented in the music and dances with a faithful companion: the Spanish guitar.

You’ve probably already seen those red with white dots long dresses, right? That is the traditional clothing to sing and dance Flamenco.

Flemenco is a beautiful show that will liven up any visit to Barcelona.

Two of the best places to experience a Flamenco Show in Barcelona are: 

El Tablao Cordobes: My favorite place located in Las Ramblas, such a special and cozy environment that makes this experience unforgettable.

El Patio Andaluz: This place represents a perfect picture of an Andalusian square where these dances are usually performed. The place is managed by an outstanding Flamenco artist.

You could just go and enjoy the show or have dinner and some drinks while the artist is performing. 

Remember to always book in advance to guarantee a spot at one of these two most amazing places for a Flamenco Show in Barcelona.

10. Plaça del Sol

The Beautiful Barcelona!

Located in the neighborhood bohemian and alternative are of Gracia makes Plaça del Sol a perfect place to go for a drink.

The bars and restaurants have an authentic local atmosphere. It also is a great place to taste some of the most appetizing tapas in the city. 

Remember, Spain is a very friendly country, especially in Barcelona, people are very open-minded so be sure to mingle with the locals. You’ll find they are very welcoming.

Suggested Barcelona at Night Tours

gaudi in barcelona casa mila
Beautiful Casa Mila in Barcelona Designed by Gaudi

Casa Milà at Night – Also known as La Pedrera, Casa Mila offers guided night tours of Gaudi’s masterpiece. The tour includes dinner and takes you to the Warrior Rooftop that is not only a unique experience to see but offers stunning panoramic views of the Catalan Capital.

Barcelona Gothic Quarter Pub Crawl – If you don’t feel comfortable going on your own, GetYourGuide offers a guided pub crawl in the heart of downtown. It takes you on a walking tour through the hottest clubs and cocktail bars with VIP entrances including shots and a complementary mojoto

Poble Espanyol Skip the Line Tickets – Poble Espenyol is a replica of a Spanish Village that was built for the 1929 World’s Fair. During the day it is a spot to walk through replicas of Spanish buildings, craft workshops and museums honoring Dali to Picasso. When the sun goes down, it is alive with, Flamenco dancing, tapa bars, and night clubs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Barcelona

Below are key questions that I often get when people are planning their journey to Barcelona.

Where to stay in Barcelona?

In the city of Barcelona, you will find a multicultural atmosphere among the locals and travelers that is reflected in the hostels of the city. I’ll leave three recommendations for the best places to stay in Barcelona.

  • Meeting Point Hostels: In my opinion, the most social hostel in the city. The location is perfect and the staff is really helpful! The rooms are dorms of 6 beds and it is no noisy at all.
  • ELLA Guest House Barcelona: This guest house is for those travelers that need a relaxed night close to all the touristic attractions. They have double rooms with shared or private toilets. The staff will kindly help you in making up your itinerary to discover the city.  
  • Pars Tailor’s Youth Hostel: Location is the highlight of this hostel. Staff and common areas are outstanding and really good vibes in the hostel. Dorms host 12 travelers, but it feels like double rooms as the dorms are super spacious. 

Is Barcelona safe for female travelers? 

Yes, Barcelona is usually safe. Although you shouldn’t have any problem traveling alone to Barcelona, take precautions.

Make sure you do not walk alone at night or with strangers.

As female travelers, we do not have to travel with fear but with precautions. Besides the basic safety measures you have to take into account, Barcelona is a safe place, very multicultural and with thousands of tourists per year.

How to Get Around Barcelona? 

Barcelona is a big city, what does it mean? A lot of cars, a lot of traffic and generally expensive public parking. For that reason, the top vehicle to go through the city is the Bicycle! Barcelona is extremely well designed for riders. 

My advice for your journey to Barcelona, hire a bike during your stay and cycle around the city! Paths for the bikes are wide and well limited. 

Another good option to avoid traffic and spending time looking for a parking spot is to hire a motorbike, that will make your displacements fast and efficient!

As I guess you already noticed, Barcelona is a city full of movement and things to do.

Do not hesitate to spend 2 or 3 nights here to make the most of its nightlife. Get ready to meet interesting people, learn about crazy architecture and to have an awesome time in this Spanish city

Give this experience a try, have the best time of your life and let us know how your night in Barcelona went.

Do not think you will be disappointed with Barcelona’s nightlife if you get to know all these 10 places.

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