7 Gifts for the Frequent Traveler

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Frequent flier. Long-term traveler. Whatever you call yourself, you know you fly a lot.

Or, you have a friend who’s also got recurring wanderlust, whether it be a road trip regular or someone who has to jet set for work.

No matter the reason, flying frequently can be stressful. Even if you’re going somewhere fun, going on that plan for all those hours or sitting in the car can really do a number on someone. If you’re that someone or you have a friend who’s that someone, they deserve a little gift.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

That baby crying in the seat right next to you? The couple having an argument in your ear? You don’t have to hear any of that when you get noise-canceling headphones.

Sure, some headphones will block out sound. But they still let some noise seep in. When you get noise-canceling headphones that really block out sound, your travels will be soundproof once and for all. Recline your seatback, cover up with your travel blanket, toss on your headphones and drift away to sweet somber.

All About Acupuncture

About 25 percent of all Americans suffer from some sort of flying anxiety. The National Institute of Mental Health says 6.5 percent experience aviophobia. But when you put that number into perspective, it comes out to be 20 million people.

If you’re trying to sleep on a plane and feel anxious about your flight, you’ll feel the first-hand effects of how anxiety affects sleep. To ease your anxiety away, give someone the gift of acupressure rings. Acupressure rings help to alleviate stress by targeting pressure points. They also provide a sensory distraction to keep your mind off your worries.

Art of Aviation

What comes to mind when you hear “Zen mini board?” You might not know what that is, but you’ll be happy you found out. It’s a thing painting board that’s perfectly travel-sized for you to take with you in your carry-on.

All you have to do is dip a watercolor brush in a little bit of water, and you can paint to your heart’s content. It’s calming entertainment, and you can create without causing a mess. Your flight will literally fly by.

CBD Gummies

Yes, CBD now comes in the form of yummy gummies. Again, you might need some anxiety relief for that plane ride you’re worriedly anticipating. Even if you’re a fairly relaxed flier, you could still use some relaxation to help yourself to get to sleep on the plane.

If you do your research and CBD seems right for you, then it’s the perfect gift for your travel buddy, or to give to yourself.

Clothing Steamer

You know the deal. You unpack your suitcase and your clothes are impossibly wrinkly. If you have a business meeting, you know you can’t look all disheveled. That’s why you bring a portable clothing steamer along.

They’re now so tiny that they’re small enough to fit into your suitcase. Even though they’re small, it doesn’t mean they’re not mighty. The wrinkles will melt right out of your dress clothes with a few passes.

Packing Cubes

Packing is one of the most harrowing parts of traveling, no matter where you’re going. Getting someone the gift of packing cubes is giving the gift of organization.

They’re lightweight, so won’t add to your luggage bill. Then they fit perfectly into your suitcase and allow you to organize your clothes and socks and knick-knacks, helping keep them free of wrinkles.

Portable Door Stop

If you know someone who travels alone, it’s natural to worry about safety. A portable door stop can be set up at any door, and provide extra security to any room.

If anyone tries to enter the door, a portable door stop will prevent it from opening. Most also come equipped with an alarm to scare off potential intruders.

Whether it be trying to fall asleep or trying to pack efficiently, as fun as traveling is, it can be a hassle. Give the gift of a problem-free excursion, and you’ll be known as the best gift-giver out there.

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