6 Things To Do In Playa Del Carmen

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Playa del Carmen is one of the most exceedingly beautiful places in the world. Located in the illustrious parts of Mexico, Playa del Carmen serves as a tourist spot for many locals and foreign visitors. It is home to some of the best scenery and majestic wonders that you can see today.

There’s an abundance of things that you can do while in this place. After being in Playa del Carmen a couple of times, I already figured out some of the most recommended activities that you should do.

If you are planning to visit this marvelous place sometime in the future, this guide is for you.

Let’s get started.

Things To Do In Playa del Carmen, Mexico

1. Swimming On A Cenote

Beaches are beautiful in Playa del Carmen. However, these are not the best places where you can swim and have some refreshing dip. Instead, I recommend that you should indulge yourself in a cenote.

But what’s a cenote anyway? Well, I am happy that you inquired about this thing.

You see, a cenote is basically are swimming holes that have been formed in bedrocks of limestones. Usually, these formations pave the way to the creation of springs and rivers. In the Yucatan Peninsula of Playa del Carmen, there a myriad of cenotes that you can find. You should check one of them and try to swim, too!

One of the most famous cenotes in the area is called the Cenote Azul. It means that the water here has a pure bluish color. Taking a dive here will certainly refresh your senses!

2. Beaching At Xpu Ha

You can find a lot of beaches in Playa del Carmen. A short ride will already take you to numerous pristine shores and strips. However, my favorite is the very recluse Xpu Ha. To reach this place, you need to rent a car. It is quite far, but it is a rewarding place to visit.

The crowd is not that big in Xpu Ha. It gives you the feeling that it is an exclusive resort. In here, you can do several activities such as diving and swimming. You can also bring an inflatable kayak here if you want to do some boating. Just make sure that you have all the things in your kayaking checklist.

Fortunately, there are bars and hotels alongside the shores of Xpu Ha. Visiting this place will never supersede your convenience at all!

3. Exploring The Temples

One should know that one of the new Seven Wonders of the World is situated at Playa del Carmen. Specifically, Chichen Itza houses the mysterious and controversial Mayan ruins. It is a beautiful destination that anyone is encouraged to visit.

The Mayan ruins are definitely considered as one of the most important places in the world due to the precious archaeological findings that are discovered there. After all, one of the first human civilizations lived in these ruins.

Reaching the Mayan temples in Chichen Itza is quite challenging. The latter is located amidst a jungle, which makes the path quite treacherous. It would take at least two hours before you can reach the place if you hop on a tour bus. You are also free to rent a car if you want. Just bring a guide with you!

But don’t fret. The exhausting journey will be rewarded by such exquisite scenery.

4. Food-Hopping At La Perla Pixan Cuisine

If you want an authentic Mexican dish, you should try visiting the La Perla Pixan Cuisine. Everything that is served here has a local taste, but the flavor is definitely world-class. There are a lot of sumptuous cuisines that you can order in this restaurant. You can even order some traditional Mayan delicacies!

Going in this gem during the night is quite the best idea. Aside from the excellent food, it can also give you a relaxing and enjoyable ambiance. There are evening performances in La Perla that should give you a welcoming feeling!

If you have a tough stomach, you might want to indulge in their delicacies that have grasshoppers as the main ingredient. You will be surprised how delicious these dishes can become.

5. Caving At The Rio Secreto Caverns

Of course, one should never miss the hidden wonders of the caverns of the Rio Secreto. It is an unadulterated cave that offers a unique ecosystem that are worth witnessing.

It is also noted that swimming inside the cave is entirely possible. Although I didn’t try it, such an activity is still worth partaking. Some springs and rivers run inside the cave. Just bring a wetsuit, and you can already enjoy the relaxing waters of the cave. Of course, there are guides that will assist you in swimming so that you’ll never get lost.

6. Escapading  At The Punta Esmerelda

Based on my experience, the beaches in Playa del Carmen can get filled quickly, especially during the tourist season. Unless you go on secluded beaches, you will have to deal with a lot of crowds.

Fortunately, there’s an escape to this predicament. Just head north until you can reach the Punta Esmerelda. The latter is still a high-quality beach, but with fewer people and commercial activities going on. You can always feel relaxed and comfortable here. Even if you want to party and have fun at the beach, there are only a few people that can see you.

There are no clubs in Punta Esmerelda. However, there are a bunch of beaches that can give you the time of your life. There’s also a cenote here. By the time you reach this place, you will immediately realize that Playa del Carmen is a haven of natural wonders.

Bottom Line

Indeed, there are a lot of things that you can do in Playa del Carmen. The things that I mentioned here are just half of the story. Once you visit the place, a lot of enjoyable and thrilling activities will be offered to you. There’s no limit as to what you can indulge in this wonderful tourist destination in Mexico!

So what are you waiting for? Visit the place now!


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