3 Best Places To Travel For Whiskey

3 Best Places To Travel For Whiskey

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From raising a toast with your loved ones onto enjoying an exclusive me-time, your whiskey can always be your silent companion. But a few people may know that a glass of whiskey can affect your health. Lowering heart problems to fighting cancer, stress, and diabetes, it has various health advantages. No doubt, due to its richness and benefits, whiskey has enjoyed the patronage of Royal families. Made from fermented grain and aged in wooden casks, every whiskey has its history and unique flavors. If you are a whiskey lover who wants to delve into the chronicle of water of life, here are three best places worth exploring for an ultimate experience.

Famous for its kilts, tartans, and bagpipes, Scotland has a rich culture that dated back to centuries. But, beyond this cultural asset lies Scotland’s craftsmanship of the renowned global commodity, Scotch Whiskey. Made up of malted barley and water, Scotland produces and distills its Scottish whiskey. But to get an official classification, these ingredients are matured in Oak Casks for at least three years. Split in 6 whiskey producing regions, Scotland has more than 100 active distilleries. And every whiskey producing region has a huge impact on its flavors.

You can start your tour from Speyside that houses smooth Malt Whiskeys with fruity and nutty tones. With the highest number of distilleries, this place has 9 must-visit sites including, Macallan and Dallas Dhu. The popular sites also include Glenfiddich and 1974 built Strathisla.

You can choose to stay in the Craigellachie Hotel that has a collection of over 700 whiskeys in its Quaich Bar. A nearby visit must include distilleries like the famous Glendronach. The Highlander Inn is another option that forms the epicenter of famous distilleries. Its bar collection is almost 400 whiskeys with many single cask malt. While you’re in Speyside, the one scotch brand you cannot miss is, The Johnie Walker. Most popular in the world, this brand produces iconic whiskeys with exceptional taste.

Apart from Speyside, you can tour and taste the most renowned smoky peated whiskey in Islay. Also known as the Hebrides, this place has a world-famous distillery like Ardbeg. The other regions include Campbelltown and light unpeated flavors of Lowlands. There are also diverse flavors of Highlands and famous whiskeys of Islands like the Highland Park and Jura, to suit every palette. These regions offer comfortable accommodations like The Ardshiel Hotel and The Islay Hotel. And also provide a bar full of selected whiskeys and delicious seafood on your plate.

Kentucky’s exemplary Bourbon distilleries produced a record 1.7 million barrels in 2019. Unlike Scotch, Bourbon is distilled from corn. You can start your Kentucky Bourbon Trail from the city of Louisville, which is home for legendary boxer Muhammad Ali. Besides Kentucky Fried Chicken and Kentucky Derby, Louisville has been the home for Bourbon distillers since 1780. The main street of Louisville became so popular for its whiskey businesses that it was named ‘Whiskey Row’. The revived Whiskey Row has a series of exclusive distilleries including, Evan Williams Bourbon Experience and Old Forester Distilling Co. The Jim Beam Urban Stillhouse and Michter’s Fort Nelson also have their own charm. These distilleries will help you to know the art of bourbon making. You can have real-life experience to bottle bourbon and also taste some of the finest brands in the bars.

To explore other popular distilleries in Louisville, like Rabbit Hole and Angel’s Envy, stay at nearby hotels. 21 c Museum hotel, The Brown Hotel, or Louisville Marriott East are the few popular places that give you a comfortable stay with an exclusive range of local liquor.

The next stopover is Shepherdsville that manufactures world-famous Jim Beam whiskey. After witnessing the whole whiskey-making process, you can visit towns like Bardstown, Lebanon, and Danville. You can also add Lexington and Northern Kentucky on your bucket list for that exclusive experience.

These places will introduce you to the best distillery properties and luxurious accommodations. Their mouth-watering cuisines, shopping spree, and picturesque towns will immediately catch your attention. And if you are still short of endeavoring bourbons, attend the Kentucky Bourbon Festival, a lifetime opportunity to taste whiskey and party.

Made up of peated malted barley that is imported from Scotland, Japanese Whiskey got global recognition. In 2014, Jim Murray named Yamazaki’s 2013 Single Malt Sherry Cask the best whiskey in the world. You can now find plenty of distilleries scattered around Tokyo. Take the pleasure of staying at Hoshinoya Tokyo for better connectivity. Situated in the heart of the city, this property is a blend of luxury and tradition.

Start your trip from Japan’s first distillery Yamazaki in Osaka. Yamazaki displays 7000 bottles of Whiskey in its Whiskey Library. Surrounded by beautiful landscapes, visit Suntory’s Hakusyu Distillery and Chichibu Distillery. Also, visit one of the largest distillery Fuji Gotemba and highest in Japan, Hombo Mars Distillery. Travel to the north end of Japan, Hokkaido, to Nikka Whiskey Distillery for its strong Yoichi malt.

Your tour does not end until you experience the bar culture in Japan. Visit Golden Gai, famous for its architecture and bars or noiseless bars like Bar Martha. These bars will provide exciting nightlife and plenty of exclusive Japanese whiskeys at a lesser price compared to big cities.

Call it Whiskey(as in the US) or Whisky(as called in the UK and rest of the world), the widespread popularity of this liquor has seen a rise in the whiskey tourism. Whiskey geeks are exploring various places with distilleries. They are flocking to events like Whiskey Festivals all around the world. The beauty, creativity, and variety, these destinations and occasions produce is one of its kind. The magical effect these places award can even attract a non-whiskey lover. So, next time when you plan for a vacation, consider visiting the above destinations for that ultimate travel story along with a glass of whiskey.

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